Feeling good

Are you in search of a feeling of well-being that you carry with you after your holiday, one to only vaguely recall after a month’s worth of daily routine?

I guarantee that it needn’t be this way.

Many suffer a battle with stress, disease, pain and fatigue. An ongoing struggle both materially and mentally.

We all search for a solution, a coping-strategy. That, or we risk being stuck with that exhausting feeling, gradually forgetting who we are, only focusing on what we do.

What makes Cerro Del Pozo a turning point :

Just by being here, you can and will discover your inner oasis.

The remote mountainside allows you to see the hectic world from the clouds. With the world at your feet, the eagles invite you to look at life from a bird’s eye view.

All you have to do is let it in, and breathe. You will glide into the now.

That’s all it takes to (re)find balance in body and mind. This balance allows you to move gracefully on the waves of life.

The most important key for me to regain this balance is offered by the Yoga of Sound. The vibration of sounds, I have been trained in this (India – Rishikesh) as well as in some other holistic therapies (including pulsing massage and guided self-hypnosis visualizations).

Sound Healing is my passion and I have personally experienced its healing power. This changed my life in 1 hour.

Subsequently, the “good feeling”, the regained balance, can only remain with us in our known daily life if it is nourished and given attention every day. Otherwise it fades away and the other takes over again.

There are very simple and effective means for this with a 100% guarantee.

On request we will teach you the necessary techniques (with support after your stay if necessary).

The distance between “life is a struggle” and the belief that things can be completely different is minimal. It’s up to you to take the initiative. Invest in yourself, no other is of so much value. Miracles happen, I can fully confirm this.

If you have any questions about whether Cerro del Pozo can offer you what you are looking for, do not hesitate to call or email me.


Fabienne Uylebroeck
0034 689278479